Saturday, May 9, 2009

Respect the KIT lens

As I bought the 55-250IS along with the XSI, I never respected the KIT lens (18-55IS) and hardly used it for any shooting. But recently when I went to the meetup group of Southbay Photography group, I saw a photographer show off his work which was done using this KIT lens and I was clearly impressed. From then on, particularly when I travelled to Anaheim and Disneyland, I used it exclusively.  The result is I use it now regularly.

The above rose was captured during one of my walkarounds. I really loved the result - it is now hanging on my living room wall.

Canon XSI
18-55IS at 55mm
f/5.6   (I couldn't go to f/4.0 as I was already at 55mm)
ISO: 100 (lowest, it was a bright sunny day)

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