Sunday, June 20, 2010

Photo editing softwares

From the beginning, I have been using Picasa for editing all my photos (typically for adding my signature). I always wanted to move to Photoshop - but is too expensive :-( Photoshop Elements seemed to be the only option. I started looking for deals even on the PSE!!
Finally I got it for $29 from !! But I am yet to learn it fully even after several months. But I found you tube to be immensely helpful -

I found the software to be quite advanced and useful.

But here is the good news - have you even heard of GIMP? I heard it from my son! It is actually as good as Photoshop elements. But the best part is - it is FREE!! Open source package.
Try it out -

Some help -

Download it and play around. It is fun!

If you are intimidated by complex softwares - then Picasa is the way to go - really easy to use while being able to do most stuff about photos -

Let's edit and change some faces!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boston Cityscape

Dear All,
I am back again! This picture is from a trip back to Boston from Niagara. We were driving back after our trip, we were tired, it was late in the night. Not many cars on the road and we were passing on this bridge to our friends' home. I suddenly pulled over, jolting my kids from sleep :-( That's a factory that we see in the reflections. The location is Malden (Boston,MA)

Tech settings: Canon XSI
18-55mm IS @55mm
1/5 sec
ISO 400