Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pine Cone

Welcome back!

Ever since I read the strange importance of Fibonacci numbers in Photography, I wanted to take a picture of a Pine Cone. Incidentally we had kept a pine cone at home since I found it beautiful never knowing the scientific reason behind it's beauty! Two spirals go upwards in two opposite directions. Both these spirals have different frequencies - one goes 8 rounds when the other goes 13 rounds.

After having decided to take a picture, I wanted to take it in angled natural light - because I wanted to capture the contours of it to the maximum effect. When one day the late evening sunshine entered our living room, I set it on the floor, set the camera on the floor took some shots. This was the best of the lot. Hope you like it.

Technical details -
Canon XSI
50mm prime
ISO: 100

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