Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lonely Autumn Tree

Welcome to Digital photo talk !

Autumn trees always fascinate me - may be because of their bare bone structure. You can see everything they have! And they are not covered up by the leaves.

I had stopped at a red signal while driving home one day. It was a waiting time of around 1 1/2 minute. Hence I was lazily glancing around. When I noticed this tree, just jumped up and pulled out my camera and clicked it. Took only one shot in 
AV mode.
Equipment: Canon XSI
                      55-250 at 55mm
                      1/2000 sec
                      ISO: 200

Only hitch - there were electrical wires running just behind the tree. That was a spoiler! I used MS paint to manually remove the wires. Later, I added some saturation using Picasa 3.

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