Monday, April 20, 2009

Beautiful sunset at Orange county, California

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When I visited the Newport beach in Orange county, I had nothing much to do. So I wanted to enjoy the sunset in this beach. By the time I reached there the sunset was over. But the colors were so beautiful. Since it was getting too dark, I decided to use a long exposure with a high ISO.

I used my Canon XSI with 18-55 IS at 55.0mm, ISO 800
Shutter priority - Shutter speed 20.0 sec, f/29

It was so windy I had to hold the tripod -I was afraid it might fly off. But when I saw the result, I was really thrilled. It was my first sunset picture. The long exposure also caused a glitter to the lights. The pier added a eye-guide into the picture and the beach added foreground.

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