Saturday, December 25, 2010

Home Photo Studio !!!

Studio 3 Lights Softbox Plus Backdrop Stands Kit! NEW! 600W - $360

 (This is my colleague & Friend Masato)
I bought a home photo studio -  a full fledged package at an amazing price - $360 - can you imagine? This is all it takes to set up a studio - perhaps in your garage or one of your rooms.  I love the results! I never knew the soft boxes transform the results so much - in combination with Photo shop. I dragged in a couple of my friends and colleagues for photo shoots after my family got tired of posing for hundreds of photos :-( The results were, as expected, very impressive.

Here are the details -

Brand: Aiki Photo (never heard of it before)

This New system has 3 Three 200w/s strobe lights, at GN 150 feet at ASA 100:

It features: Built-in reflector and power cable. Remote slave sensor (For cordless strobe Slave effectiveness 33 feet. Sync voltage 6-9V Stepless 1/8 to Full power setting options. 75W Halogen Modeling light. Recharge readylight. Two-way fixing stand adapter. Built in umbrella holder. Easily changeable fuse holder. Fast recycle time:1-3 seconds. 5600K color temperature.

One Backdrop Stands kit included:

High quality background stand with 3 section cross bar, 4 section stands.
Cross bar junction tension Adjustable.
Suitable for both paper and fabric backgrounds.
Assembles in minutes without tools.
Collapses down into an 27" long package.
Supports backgrounds up to 90" wide.
Maximum stand height is 90".
(copied and pasted from the craigslist ad)

You can search for this brand on amazon & ebay and of course on craigslist!

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  1. Update on March 15th 2013 - these strobes are still going strong - I can vouch for them :-)